Polar Park has two wolf packs: the “2008 pack” and the “2014 pack”. The two packs live in separate enclosures.

The 2008 pack 

This pack consists of 2 wolves; a male called Steinulv and a female named Luna who were born in 2008 at Polar Park. They are the first wolves in Northern Norway that have been socialised to humans. 
The  2014 pack

Born in 2014, these 5 siblings have also been socialised to humans since they were one week old. 
Here at Polar Park you have the opportunity to join our guides inside their enclosure during one of our Wolf Visits (please book in advance). 

The pack is led by male Brage and female Marit. The other male is named Peder and the two other females are called Frigg and Frøya. 

  • Scientific name: Canis lupus
  • Spreading: taiga and tundra areas in the northern hemisphere north of ca. 20 degrees
  • Appearance: The Norwegian wolf has yellow-grey, often speckled grey back with black guard hairs over the shoulders and tail tip. The belly is light and long legs light grey.
  • Length: Body length (without tail) up to 150 cm, tail length approx. 50 cm.
  • Weight: Males on average 50 kg, females averaging 30 kg.
  • Biology: 4-6 puppies, females Can produce offspring for at least 11 years (?)
  • Food: Most importantly, moose, but also deer and other mammals, e.g. badgers, beavers, hares, rodents and birds. Sheep, when available.
  • Age: Up to 10 years of age in the wild. In Polar Park up to 20 years.