Wolf Visit

A Wolf Visit is meeting the wolves face to face in their home, the wolf enclosure

We have to kneel down to get our face in the right height to be face to face with the wolves. We have to kneel down to get our face in the right height to be face to face with the wolves. 

They might then welcome us by licking us in the face like they do with their pack members. This is not something you can choose, if you enter the enclosure you agree to this. The wolves like being touched, but in the briefing ahead of the visit we will go through how you behave around the wolves.

Due to safety precautions, there are strict requirements for  participation at the Wolf Visit, so please read the following information carefully before considering a Wolf Visit:  

  • You are minimum 18 years old 
  • You are minimum 160 cm tall 
  • You have good physical health (no hurting knees or limp) 
  • You are not pregnant. 
  • You do not take strong hormone or blood thinning medication. 
  • You do not have a disease where you experience uncontrolled seizures, e.g epilepsy. 
  • You are not afraid of dogs
  • You do understand English or Norwegian well (NO translation is allowed, we must be able  to communicate with ALL participants) 
  • You must be able to follow instructions and pay attention at all times to your guides 
  • You must dress suitably for the weather and activity – check the weather forecast! 
  • You can not wear any perfume, perfumed oil or lotion. 
  • You can not  be under the influence of alcohol or medication that affects your behavior 
  • You can not wear hats, gloves, headbands and anything covering the head or face, must be taken off  before we enter the wolf enclosure.
  • Dark glasses or sunglasses must be taken off as well. 
  • Your outer layer  of clothing can not be made from fur, leather, down or fleece (or any animal produce)

It is possible to visit the wolves all year round. We recommend the winter season, when the park is covered in snow. The wolves are most active in the winter, especially during mating season from February to April.

Wolf Visit costs 3.000 NOK per person.

Wolf Visit must be booked and confirmed in advance. Please send your booking request to wolfvisit@polarpark.no including your full name, age, amount of participants and date of arrival. Wolf Visit is arranged on Wednesdays and Fridays – with the exception of holidays.