We have 13 reindeer in Polar Park.

  • Scientific name: Rangifer tarandus
  • Distribution: Reindeer are native only in the northern hemisphere . Today, reindeer naturally widespread in Canada, Alaska, Norway , Finland, the former Soviet Union and China, and on Svalbard and Greenland.
  • Length : about 180 cm , shoulder height of 1m
  • Weight : Bucks 70 to 110 kg , females 40-70 kg .
  • Biology : The females are usually sexually mature when they are about 28 months old , although there are examples of females who have been mature 16 months of age.
  • Diet: Reindeer are herbivores that mostly feed on different kinds of leaves, lichens, mosses and fungi.
  • Age: Can be up to 18 years . Bucks get not as old as females. Reindeer are susceptible to predation by brown bears, in lynx, wolverines and golden eagles in Norway.