We have 3 moose in the park. Our female moose is named Silvia and came to us from “Bjørneparken” in 2013. Our male is born in the park in 2016 and is called Sivert. We also have another female born in 2018 named Stine.

  • Scientific name: Alces alces
  • Distribution: Moose live in the large coniferous forests of Scandinavia and Poland east of the Urals . There are about a million moose in Europe , and about as many in North America. The moose can not be regarded as an endangered species.
  • Length : 2.5-3.2 m long and approx . 190-220 cm in shoulder height.
  • Weight : Bulls weigh normally 200-600 kg . The cows usually iare about .10 cm shorter and are usually not as high. Cows usually weigh 200-400 kg.
  • Biology : The cow is pregnant approx . 9 months and give birth usually to 1-2 calves in May-June in the following year. It looks as if food availability during winter affects if cows give birth to 1 or 2 calves. A calf weighs about . 11-16 kg at birth , and gainis about 1 kg a day as long as it is nursed . When the calf is about 3 weeks old it can follow the mother . When it is approx. 5 months old is the fully weaned . The calf will be with the mother for about one year, or until she gives birth to a new calf.
  • Diet: Moose are ruminants and it is known that moose graze on more than 1,000 different plant species.
  • Age : Statistically about half of all mooses die during the first year of life. Those who reach adulthood are at their peak when they are between 5 and 8 years old , while the average lifespan is often 5-12 years . Only a few bulls live to 15 years or more, while the cow may be slightly older.