We have 4 adult lynxes in Polar Park. Josefine is born in 2004 and was caught in the wild by the University in Oslo. Frost is from Kristiansand Animal Park and is born in 2009. We also have a male born in 2009 in Polar Park called Shimmer, she is daughter of Josefine. Our youngest lynx is called “Little Brown” and is born in 2015.

  • Scientific Name: Lynx lynx
  • Length: (without tail) up to 120 cm, with a short tail of 10-25 cm.
  • Weight: Males average 23 kg, female 17 kg, male can weigh up to 25 kilograms.
  • Distribution: Lynx live in the northern part of the world, from Scandinavia to Siberia, Canada and northern United States. It is also found in some places in Central Europe.
  • Biology: Sexually mature at 2-3 years of age, pregnant approx. 70 days, 1-4 cubs, giving birth in May-June
  • Diet: Roe deer, hares, rodents, birds, foxes, deer, sheep
  • Age: Up to 17 years of age. In Polar Park up to 25 years.