Our wolverine is called Bor and is born in 2018. Bor came to us from Kristiansand Dyrepark in february 2019.

  • Scientific Name: Gulo gulo
  • Spread: The wolverine is found primarly in remote reaches of the northern hemisphere and has a relation to the population of reindeer. Northern Eurasia and North-America include these areas. This includes countries like Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estland, Russia, Mongolia, China and Canada.
  • Looks: The Wolverine’s head is small and orunded, it has small eyes and rounded ears. Feet are short and have big paws with five toes with strong claws. It’s fur is thick and smooth and colors vary from black to brown. Most wolverines have some lighter shades over the forehead, cheeks and shoulders that go all the way back to their tail. Some have a white area on their chest. It’s powerful and compact body makes it resemble a Bear, but it’s behaviour will tell it’s a animal in the Mustelidae family.
    Length: They can become between 70 and 85 cm long and have a bushy tail that is between 25 and 35 cm long.
    Weight: Between 8 and 12 kg.  
    Age: They can become up to 17 years old, but they very rarely live to see this age.