Last Updated: March 21, 2019

Polar Park is an experience in nature and with nature. And part of that experience should also be good food. With fresh, local (low food miles) and especially healthy foods. Modern, new dishes based on ancient traditions. Prepared by us in our own kitchen.


And because we want to offer a dining experience with healthy fresh, local food, our choice is meat and sausages from local suppliers for your choice, as well as freshly caught trout and salmon. 

We prepare grill food on a “swing grill” where the grid iron is rotating and the food will not be burned, but gets constant heat. 

Tasteful, healthy salads of your choice. 


Around the Polar Park you will find several places to barbecue, and also campfire sites. Take your family to the park and grill your own dinner in combination with a wonderful nature experience.

We have a barbecue area where you have a roof over your head if it is not quite perfect barbecue weather.


Our Restaurant has approx. 70 seats. Perfect for parties.  We serve casseroles – and also three-course dinners on orders.


Book the Log Cabin, Tømmerhytta, for a special dining experience. Space limitation here is 45 people. 

The Log Cabin is furnished with large wooden table and wooden benches covered with soft, warming reindeer skins. To put an extra nice frame to your dining experience in the Log Cabin, we use candles and light the fireplace in the center of the cabin. 

Enjoy a barbecue or a three course dinner followed by relaxation around the fire with a beverage of your choice. The bar will be open throughout the evening.