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Foto: Mattieu Ever





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WolfVisit was established to ensure better welfare of wolves in captivity, knowledge encrease, and to offer you a unique wilderness experience.


Wolves are genetically afraid of humans. Therefore, non-sosialized wolves in captivity are afraid of humans, and live under stressful conditions.


The wolves at WolfVisit are sosialized, and accustomed to associate with humans at close range. These wolves are just like other wolves, except from one thing: They don't fear humans, and enjoy our company as a part of their natural environment.


We give you the unique opportunity to meet the wolves in Polar Park inside the enclosure! Our team will be with you all the time and tell you everything you want to know about the wolf. Meet this mystical animal, and discover the actual truth about wolves together with us at WolfVisit!





You must at least 18 years old, dressed for the occation, be in good physical shape and be able to follow instructions from the animal keeper to enter the wolf enclosure. Polar Park's main concern is safety, for both visitors and animals.



The wolf is the most fabled beast in European history. Read here

The wolf has this strong, mysterious force.

Just the word "wolf" makes many people get to rise their neck hairs.

Feared, loved, hated.

Experience as one of the few in the world a close encounter with a wonderful creature, understand more and feel one of the primal forces of nature.



It is possible to visit the wolves all year round. We recommend the winterseason, when the park is covered by snow. The wolves are most active in the winter, especially in mating time from february to april.


Summerseason: See here times for WolfVisit


You kan make a reservation for WolfVisit all year round. Please send an e-mail: stig@polarpark.no

- and please allow up to 3-4 days for the answer.


Se here prices for WolfVisit.


Wolftrack Photo: Mogens Totsås Statens naturoppsyn. Rovdata

Foto: Dan A. Steinbakk



What a mystical night.

You will never forget this evening in your life.


This picture was takln by

Peter Peter Rosén in January 2014

The Northern Lights: Aurora Forecast by Eiscat (Facebook page)



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