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Arctic Wildlife Centre

Nasjonalt Rovdyrsenter


POLAR PARK Arctic Wildlife Centre

The world's northernmost animal park.


Polar Park is home to Norway's large predators such as bears, wolves, lynx, wolverines and foxes, as well as their prey such as deer, elk, reindeer and musk.

We also have a little mink and an otter living in the park.


Polar Park is an event and animal park in Bardu municipality in the county of Troms. It opened on 18 June 1994, and is based on exhibiting animals in their natural surroundings.


This means that each species gets a lot of room to romp on:

With 1100 dekar (1 dekar = 1000 square meters) in only 12 enclosures, the Polar Park is one of the animal parks in the world with the largest area per animal.

Look at the map of the area here


Rohkunborri National Park is only 12 km from the Polar Park.







National Park

Location Troms, Norway


Nearest city Setermoen


Coordinates 68°33′54″N



Area 571 km2


Established 2011


Livestock in Polar Park

End of June - end of August



To see the wild animals is exciting, but you can't cuddle with them. At the Children's Feeding Round you can come close to livestock and feed them with our keepers. You get close contact with sheep, goats and cow calves. We also have chickens and ducks. And rabbits love to get attention and cuddles

See Children's feeding time for round here.



The animals in Polar Park

Photo: Lynx, Reindeer, Red Deer : andershanssen@me.com



... and we also have our livestock during the summer in the farmyard...



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