Visitor center predators

The Polar Park is one of the three predator centres in Norway, authorised by the Norwegian Enviroment Directorate. The predator centres shall be a professional, neutral and comprehensive knowledge arena about the four large predators in the Norwegian nature - bears, wolves, wolverines and lynx.

2016-04-0414:08 Polar Park

In addition, we want POLAR PARK Predators centre to also inform about the golden eagle.


A visit to a predators centre shall

  • create proximity to predators' lives
  • improve understanding of issues regarding predators
  • increase the public's awareness of their own attitudes

The outdoor and indoor exhibits contain information about our 4 large carnivores bear, wolf, lynx and wolverine, as well as golden eagles with the main themes:


  • Biology
  • Research
  • Management
  • Policies
  • Conflicts
  • What do you think about predators?

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