Bus transportation from Narvik and Tromsø

In the period from 1st of December to 31st of March a tourist bus will operate with daily departures from Narvik and Tromsø directly to Polar Park.

2016-10-2112:11 Hilde M Normark

There will be daily departures with modern coaches from Tromsø and Narvik. The service will operate from December 1st until end of March 2018. There will be light refreshments and online guiding onboard the coaches.

For the 2017 / 2018 season there will be a departure from Narvik towards Tromsø that correspond with the incoming train from Kiruna to Narvik at 12:58. There will also be a departure from Polar Park at 12:15, that correspond with the bus from Tromsø, that will make it possible for travelers to catch the train from Narvik to Kiruna at 15:15

This will give train travelers an opportunity to book a transfer from Narvik to Tromsø and from Tromsø to Narvik, that correspond with the arrival of the train in Narvik at 12:58 and the departure from Narvik at 15:15. It will make it possible for travelers to travel from Tromsø to Kiruna and from Kiruna to Tromsø at the same day.

The package including bus transfer and entrance fee at Polar Park  is available for booking at Visit Narvik  or Visit Tromso

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