Bus transportation from Narvik and Tromsø

In the period from 10th of December 2016 to 31st of March 2017 a tourist bus will operate with daily departures from Narvik and Tromsø directly to Polar Park.

2016-10-2112:11 Hilde M Normark

Experience the Polar Park

Polar Park is the northernmost animal park in the world, and is beautifully located in the heart of Salangsdalen Valley in Bardu, 75 km north of Narvik. Meet the wolves, brown bears, lynx, arctic foxes, elks, reindeers and other animals from the polar fauna.

Polar Park offers a special wild life experiencesfor you and your family, and the park puts welfare as the highest priority for the animals. Within the enclosures, a natural environmental enrichment keeps the animals stimulated and active.

Experience the natural predators of the Arctic – bears, wolves, wolverine and lynx – at the Polar Park in Narvik. There are also moose, reindeer, musk ox and Arctic foxes.

The following packages including bus transfer and entrance fee at Polar Park is available for booking at either Polar Park directly post@polarpark.no or  VisitNarvik 

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