Five pairs of amber eyes are focusing in on you to observe your every move.
Countless tales and legends have been created around those mythical creatures.
Now you can be a part of a new story...

2016-04-0209:29 Polar Park

WolfLodge Experience – truly extraordinary 

WolfLodge is not just a remarkable place to overnight.  
It is a very special experience which to our knowledge is unique in the world. 

This very exclusive high end product is only available a few days per month.

We can ensure complete privacy during your visit as besides to your hosts, the lodge is inaccessible to all others.

Are you interested in joining the small and exclusive group of people who so far have participated in this once in a lifetime experience?

Please contact us on stay@wolflodge.no or an offer. 

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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