Polar Park is the perfect place for events, product presentations, incentives and conferences. Events can take place daytime or in the evening. Some periods during the year we can also reserve the park for an event and close it for the public.

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We have many years of experience in organizing events for European companies. In Polar Park, you get an out-of-the-ordinary, creative arrangement of high quality.


Heinz, CEO of Polar Park, has for many years conducted team building programs for international companies. The Teambuilding program was developed 20 years ago, at the time along with the South Pole Explorer Liv Arnesen, and further developed in recent years. It works!

The Teambuilding program consists of a theoretical part where the teams prepare their "team rules", followed by a practical section where teams show how they work. Here the tasks that the team must solve are in the nature - it can be anything from making bonfires, to build an igloo or find a place in the forest using map, compass or gps.

Exciting, entertaining and educational.


You will find the Camp spectacularly situated in the park. In winter, the reindeer wander free around in our camp area.

The centerpiece of the camp is a large bonfire, where we sit around on warm reindeer skins. Here coffee is brewed over the fire, stories are told, and the meal grilled over the fire such as for example moose or ptarmigan.. Here we can hear the wolves howling. 

An amazing place - and the starting point for most of our events.


Moose Safari on snow shoes is one of the many activities we organize from the Polar Park base.

We have many moose in the area - and if you want to photograph them in the wild- not only in the park, this is the right activity for you. In addition you will closely experience the fantastic arctic nature and have the perfect snow activity. We teach you snow shoeing within 5 minutes.  

Howl with the Wolves under the Arctic Light. A world-unique experience. 

Experience the ultimate Arctic Light experience. In winter howl with our wolves under the Northern Lights and in summer under the midnight sun. An experience you never will forget.  


In autumn 2013 we set a Guinness World Record: "Most people as possible howling with wolves." 535 guests howled together with us under the arctic sky.

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